Innovation : Bringing Innovation To Your Organization

Bringing Innovation To Your Organization  (One Day)

A Plan for Innovation and Tools to Get There :  This workshop will look at what innovation means for you and your organization and what you need in place to innovate. We will look at different types of innovation and discuss how others have successfully innovated. Through interactive exercises participants will be able to assess how they can apply these skills in their own organization.

Participants will create a plan to being more innovative, sell innovation internally, and learn how to overcome common innovation challenges.


Program Topics

Innovation Strategy

Types of Innovation

Market Insights and Tools (identifying current trends, technology improvements and innovations that can help overcome challenges and build a stronger future)

Framing Innovation

Innovation Teams and Leaders

Creating the right mix of people

Supporting Innovation as a leader

Open Innovation

Collaborating in teams

What is going on in the world with open innovation (P&G, quirky, open government, idea management)

Innovation Competitions

Creating successful competition challenges

Lean Innovation

Creating room and resources for innovation

Simplify offerings

Execution of Innovation Plans & Measuring Innovation 

Failing small and fast

Sample metrics and how they fit in with your organization, which ones work for you?

At the end of the workshop, you will be able to:

  • Walk out with an innovation vision and a plan on how to get there
  • Frame innovation challenges
  • Bring market and customer insights to innovation
  • Take away a template of how you see your organization being more innovative

Who Should Attend This Course?

If you are: 

  • Looking to create or increase innovation
  • Looking to get a better understanding of innovation
  • Interested in being relevant in the future
  • Spending too much on R&D or too much on products and services that do not do well in the market
  • Thinking you can be doing innovation better
  • Considering building an innovation program/lab/centre
  • Stagnant and want to rebuild the energy you had that got you where you are today
  • Executives, product managers, team leads, managers, HR professionals