Innovation Maturity Assessment

Assess your innovation maturity & identify areas for improvement.

Spring2 Innovation Maturity ModelThis will provide a first step towards analyzing your organization’s needs for increasing innovation. The model will illustrate areas where your company’s strengths are and areas that may need to be developed further. At the end of the questions you can select to view the results on our Maturity Model Map.


Innovation Maturity Model Questions:

How would you describe your corporate culture?

How would you describe your company’s vision?



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The Innovation Maturity Tool shows where your organization sits on the Innovation Maturity Model.

If your organization scored a 2 or higher in specific areas it means your organization is doing well in these segments.

If your organizations scored a 0 or a 1 in areas, it might signal your organization has innovation gaps and needs to develop plans around enhancing these areas. If your organization scored low in particular areas it may still be appropriate for the size, type or industry of the organization.

For a more in depth analysis call Spring2 Innovation to find out how to use your results to create a more innovative company.

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