Spring2 assesses your organization to get an understanding of where it is at and works with you to clarify where you want to go so your organization can grow even further and tap into unrealized potential.

We specialize in solving complex problems collaboratively through design thinking and other methodologies.
Our areas of expertise include:


  •  Design Thinking
  •  Culture of Innovation
  •  Ideation and Challenge Resolution Sessions
  •  Innovation Vision, Strategy & Goals
  •  Innovation Assessments
  •  Implementing Innovation
  •  Results Driven Collaboration
  •  Exploring New Revenue Streams
  •  Future Planning


Our process hclient-work-croppedas three fundamental steps

  1.  Analyze the situation through working with your team to provide perspectives on moving forward
  2.  Create frameworks for processes and governance around  innovation and collecting intelligence from within the organization
  3.  Create plan of action for implementing innovations

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