Design Thinking Certification Program

Spring2 has developed a Design Thinking Certification Program intended to help leaders and employers determine who is truly qualified to be a Design Thinking Professional. This industry leading certification program serves as a way for professionals to showcase their Design Thinking knowledge and provides employers with the piece of mind that a certain level of design thinking knowledge and experience has been achieved.

The Spring2 Design Thinking Certification Program is an immersive 5-day course, taking place over a two-month period. Throughout the course you will learn the Five Stages of Design Thinking: Empathize (Discovery), Define, Ideate, Prototype, and Test. By the end of the course, you will know how to apply design thinking tools and methodologies from a solution based lens with the end-user in mind.

Why Design Thinking?

In today’s fast paced world organizations, individuals and governments are becoming increasingly challenged with solving complex problems in a collaborative way, working with their end-users, clients and citizens. Whether you are tackling specific project related challenges, designing new policies, developing new products, or building a solution to encourage ongoing innovation within your organization, Design Thinking can guide you to the optimal outcome.

Design Thinking will awaken your design mindset and teach you how to solve problems from a solution focused and action oriented perspective, versus the traditional problem focused approach most people (and organizations) use. This critical skillset is applicable to all industries and all levels of government.

Through this certification program you will:

  • LEARN how to solve complex problems using a collaborative and user-centric approach.
  • APPLY the 5 phases of Design Thinking to real world problems.
  • BUILD your Design Thinking Toolkit and awaken your capacity to innovate.
  • EXPLORE the principles and methodologies of Design Thinking.
  • GROW YOUR NETWORK and build new relationships with like-minded Design Thinkers with whom you share learning and progress throughout the course.

Solve real world problems, while building your resume
Throughout the course you will apply your Design Thinking training through interactive classroom activities and within your own workplace, under guidance of professional Design Thinkers. The course was designed to ensure the momentum and learning continues during the course and beyond!

Program Overview

The course will take place over two months, allowing you to apply Design Thinking methodology to your work and come back to class with any questions.

Following the successful completion of the course you will be required to showcase your work to prove you have applied all five of the Design Thinking phases within your work environment. Upon completion of the course, and submission of the application of knowledge, you will be awarded the Spring2 Innovation Professional Design Thinker Certification.

The program is divided into two segments. Participants will undergo the first 3 session and then will be provided 4 to 6 weeks to apply their knowledge in their work environment before coming back for the final 2 sessions.This allows for more design thinking practice in ‘real life’. Participants get to apply design thinking, share their experiences, and learn from one another even more in the final two sessions.

To guide, track learning, and be able to provide additional coaching, participants will have a workbook that will be used throughout the certification process. Once the workbook is complete, comments and recommendations provided participants will be certified.

Session Breakdown:

  • SESSION 1: Design Thinking 101
    This session will set the stage for the certification program and will cover the basics of Design Thinking. You will learn tools for empathizing with the end-client, allowing you to understand stakeholders’ needs, mindsets, attitudes and challenges, which will in turn guide you to their unmet and unarticulated needs.
  • SESSION 2: Getting to the Root of the Problem
    Session 2 is all about getting to the root of the problem. You will learn how to apply Journey Mapping (JM) to identify the real problem to be solved. JM uncovers the root issue by analyzing the clients’ end to end experience using the organization’s service or product.
  • SESSION 3: Define the Problem & Generate Solutions
    By looking through a multi-stakeholder lens, Session 3 will teach you how to define the problem by leveraging facilitated brainstorming techniques to ideate possible solutions.
  • SESSION 4: Making it Real: Prototyping Real World Solutions
    Contrary to popular belief, Session 4 isn’t solely about checking if the solution is right. It is about asking good questions to uncover biases/assumptions, create momentum for an action plan going forward and to prepare an you, or your organization, for how the solution will look, feel and work in practice.
  • SESSION 5: Test, Test, Test!
    Session 5 is the testing phase and this is when you will engage end users to test the prototype and the assumptions made during Session 4, the Prototyping Phase. It is at this stage that ideas can be regenerated, or hybrid prototypes can be co-created if necessary, to address the real problem.


$3500 per person
Please inquire about group rates for groups of 10 or more.

Please Note: a $500 non-refundable deposit will be required at registration. We have a 7 day full-refund cancellation policy; should you no longer be able to attend a session you have registered for please let us know 7 days prior to the start date to avoid any charges. If this is the case we would be happy to register you for an alternate course date that better suits your schedule.

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Session Lead

Nilufer Erdebil has over 17 years of experience in innovation within various fields including telecommunications, application development, program management and IT management. Throughout her career she has always had a passion for technology, business, commercializing technology and navigating change. Having worked with many international organizations and lived on three continents, Nilufer has a global mindset.


Prior to launching Spring2 Innovation, Nilufer began her career working at Procter & Gamble, in sales, and moved into software engineering. As a software designer she has worked on leading edge technologies and products, in a variety of international defense and telecommunications companies, including General Dynamics, CrossKeys Systems (now Oracle) and Marconi Wireless (now Ericsson). After going back to school to earn an MBA, she has worked in a number of Technology, Project Management and Marketing positions at Bell Canada.

| “Design Thinking is about combining linear and non-linear thinking (creative with analytical) to get at the true problems and solve them.” |

Nilufer Erdebil, P.Eng, MBA, PMP Founder, Spring2 Innovation


It was in Technology Development at Bell Canada while working in the Advanced Solutions Innovation Center that she truly began to understand and become passionate about that special mix of environment, people, partners, and insight that made innovation possible.

Nilufer is a 2014 recipient of the Ottawa Business Journal Forty Under 40 Award and a 2016 recipient of the WCT Leadership Award from Women in Communications and Technology. She is a Professional Engineer with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and an MBA from Queen’s University.


  • Do you offer team training for this certification program?
    YES! We offer team certification for teams of 10 or more! Contact info@spring2innovation for information on our group rates.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    Our cancellation policy is full refund up to 7 days prior to the course start date.
  • Are there any prerequisites for this certification program?
    Nope! There are no prerequisites for this program.

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