Assessing and Measuring Innovation

Assessing and Measuring Innovation Training

(One Day Course)

This workshop will help attendees determine how their organization is doing in terms of innovation. We will look at areas where an organization’s strengths lie and areas that may need to be improved. This will in turn help determine the areas organizations should focus innovation efforts on.

The second part of this session looks at the metrics around innovation in organizations. The workshop will look help determine the best measurements for innovation to use in your organization.

Program Topics

  • What is considered innovation and innovative in your industry
  • 12 Focus Areas for Developing Innovative Organizations
  • Metrics for Success

Who should attend?

If any of these descriptions sound like you, you will benefit from this workshop:

  • Innovation is a priority in your organization or industry
  • If you want to be more innovative as an organization and could use guidance in where to start
  • If you have tried innovation and it hasn’t delivered the results you are looking for
  • If you think you can be doing innovation better
  • If your organization is stuck or stagnant and want to figure out how to move forward
  • Executives, team leads, managers, HR professionals

At the end of the workshop, you will be able to:            

  • Identify where your organization is in terms of innovation maturity
  • Identify areas to strengthen & how to strengthen these areas
  • Identify the metrics best suited for measuring innovation in teams and in the organization


For more information and to set up training sessions, contact Spring2 Innovation.