Building a Culture of Innovation

Full-day course

It’s not hard to see why everyone is talking about innovation these days. The world is changing at an unprecedented rate and even the best businesses are just trying to keep up. In order to get ahead, any business, large or small, needs a strong culture of innovation.

Yet, despite understanding that there’s a need to innovate, there is often a lack of understanding about how to innovate. In many cases even simple questions such as, who is responsible for an organization’s innovation? and, what can individuals do to increase the innovative capacity of the organization? are left unanswered.

Building a culture of innovation answers these questions and many more by building on other level 1 courses in Spring2Innovation’s signature interactive and dynamic course structure.

Building A Culture of Innovation


Program topics

  • What is innovation?
  • How building individual innovation capacity can have a big impact on your organization’s future
  • What steps you or your business need to take to become more innovative
  • Communicating Innovation


At the end of the workshop, you will:

  • Learn how to create, foster, and increase a culture of innovation within your organization
  • Establish and build the skills required to be innovative
  • Be able to develop inspiration and generate innovative solutions
  • Be able to sell innovation to senior management and the rest of your organization


Who should attend this course?

You will benefit from this workshop if you:

    • Want to learn about innovation and how to become more innovative
    • Want to learn how to sell innovation to your organization
    • Want to become more creative
    • Want to stand out because of your ideas



Training sessions are currently available on demand. For more information and to schedule a training session, contact Spring2 Innovation.