Creating Real Value and Capturing Value Through Business Modeling

This course covers building a value proposition and an introduction to the business model canvas.

Creating Real Value with your Innovations is a designed to give the basics to anyone who wished to build a solid, innovative project. From entrepreneurs to scientists, to executives and public servants, every participant will learn and practice the newest proven management practices, see their project from a different angle, and gain perspective to come up with well thought out innovations that have true impact.

Capturing Value through Business Modeling introduces participants to business modeling techniques that will enable value capture. Participants will gain the ability clearly visualize every aspect of their project, comprehensively lay out different options, cogently communicate with all relevant parties to find consensus and build the basis for subsequent activities such as business planning.

This workshop is the fruit of a collaboration with one of your partners who has delivered this workshop in English and in French to Government employees and academic researchers.


  • To build a value proposition and generate innovative outputs that fit stakeholders needs and create real value
  • Differentiate between business modeling and business planning
  • Advantages of the business model canvas tool
  • Ements and structure of a business model
  • The different ways to build a value capturing business model



  • Map how your project outputs create value (design a value map)
  • Check your fit (verify the connections between your offer and stakeholders /customers needs)
  • Choose the right path (present your prototype with Ad-Libs, confront and flesh out ideas and list the data needed for back-up)
  • 1 business = several models
  • Choose the right path (present your canvas, confront ideas and list the data needed for back-up)