Design Thinking Experience

This is a fully immersive 5 day course over a two month period where participants learn tools and methodologies around Design Thinking and get a chance to apply them with interactive activities in the classroom as well as in their own work.


Day 1

Basics of Design Thinking

Tools for the Empathize phase

This portion has a deep dive into empathy mapping and mind mapping


Getting To The Problem

This includes Journey Mapping and identifying the real problem to solve

Day 3

Defining the problem and Ideating

Day 4


Day 5


Once participants complete the course, including showcasing that they have applied all the design thinking phases to in their work environment, they will be awarded with Spring2 Innovation Design Thinker Certification.

With the course being spread out over a two month period, participants can take what they have learned and apply it to their work and come back with questions and clarifications if need be.