Spring2 Innovation provides innovation consulting, coaching, facilitation and training to organizations. Companies can then better innovate and get processes, products and services to market faster and more successfully.


Spring2 Innovation is the source for help with planning and implementing innovation changes for businesses and public sector organizations. We nurture your great ideas and help you transform them into successes that grow the value of your organization.


Our mission is to enable companies to leverage their internal and external partners to enhance their process, product and service portfolios through innovation coaching, training and facilitation sessions.

We value everyone’s ideas and believe there are smart people all around. Ideas come from everyone and it is the phrasing and composition of innovation visions for each company, department or project that lead to truly beneficial innovation. The selection of the ideas to pursue in the right time frame is a difficult task that is a major determiner of success of innovative products, services, and culture – we can help guide you in delivering these innovations.

Endorsements from Clients

‘Before the labs I couldn’t touch or feel innovation. Now at the end of the labs I understand innovation and how we’re moving forward with it.’

‘Innovation was an area that was a bit “pie in the sky” for most of our people, who are used to working on a more tactical level rather than strategic. To have you go through the different types of innovation, as well as the metrics we thought was very helpful’

‘Very knowledgeable and presented the information in a clear way with good examples…..I have gained a greater understanding of innovation.’