Design Thinking & Change Management

Getting Started: Design Thinking & Change Management Series

Governments and businesses must continuously evolve to meet citizen and client expectations, resulting in the constant need to adapt and change. And, implementing change in any department, large or small, requires skilled public servants who understand how to determine the ‘real’ challenges, the needs of their end-client, and the complexities of change management.

Spring2 Innovation, in collaboration with IG TaC Consulting has created this immersive and interactive series to harness the power of design thinking and change management to empower participants to increase efficacy and adoption of new processes, HR structures, policies, and technologies.

• GROW your skillset and advance your career.
• IMPROVE results with proven frameworks and methods to manage change more effectively to drive business results.
• LEARN how to solve challenges from a solutions-focused and empathy-driven perspective.
• REAL-WORLD application with immediate impact in the workplace.

This workshop series is for those individuals looking to:
• Increase adoption of their programs, policies, and projects;
• Gain an understanding of how to apply design thinking and change management;
• Are looking for a high-level overview of the concepts, terminology and supporting tools of design thinking and change management;
• Identify practical applications to derive value quickly from this newly acquired knowledge.


Workshop 1
Getting Started: Design Thinking, Level 1
We know innovation and adaptability are essential, but how do you enable innovation and implement change? Is it possible to naturally embed an innovation AND change mindset into everything you do as individuals and corporate citizens? Design thinking provides the foundation to do exactly that!In this one-day workshop, you will learn how to solve complex problems leveraging a human-centric approach. We will explore the Five Phases of Design Thinking, using hands-on exercises that will teach you how to break out of a linear-thinking mindset, ensuring you leave with the tools to create more powerful solutions and increase adoption.
Workshop Topics:
• Basics of Design Thinking
• Understanding Good Design
• Tools & Methods Used in Design Thinking
• Breaking Down Problems
• Designing for the Customer
Learning Objectives:
• Identify the tools and methods used in Design Thinking and how to apply them to real-world challenges.
• Establish methods to recognize and understand citizen and client needs.
• Learn how to apply Design Thinking to enhance and improve citizen and end-user experience while increasing innovation.
Workshop 2
Getting Started: Change Management
Regardless of size, all departments are continuously experiencing various degrees of change. From large scale departmental transformation initiatives to micro-shifts that drive efficiency or focus, change is constant – and the goal of change of constant – to drive desired business outcomes and results. However, managing change, or more accurately, achieving adoption to drive desired results often eludes even the most successful organizations. The plans are great, the process is solid, the tools are state-of-the-art, but if the people don’t buy-in, the desired results will not be realized to their full potential, or in some cases, at all.In this one-day workshop, you will be introduced to the concepts and terminology of change management, with a focus on various change management methods including the PROSCI© ADKAR and Kotter models.
Workshop Topics:
• Introduction to Change Management
• Why Change Management Matters
• Barriers to Change Management
• Change Management Models & Frameworks
• Tools
• Change Management & Design Thinking: An Example
Learning Objectives:
• Introduce change management tools, terminology, and concepts focused on the PROSCI© ADKAR and Kotter models.
• Identify the building blocks for successful change management.
• Explore barriers to change management and how to address them.
Workshop 3
Getting Started: Communication Strategy for Buy-In & Sign-Up
Change is critical for governments to succeed and thrive – and people are at the heart of every change management program. Whether your department needs to change to adapt to client needs, new technologies, or business goals, an effective communications strategy is essential to manage change successfully.This one-day workshop, anchored in design thinking and change management best practices, will introduce the concepts, framework, and methodology needed to build an effective change management communication strategy that will build buy-in and sign-up.
Workshop Topics:
• Communication – It’s More Than an Email
• Buy-In vs. Sign-Up
• Communication Plan Framework
• Building Support & Sponsorship with Communication
Learning Objectives:
• Learn how to communicate up and across.
• Establish a framework for building a targeted communication strategy and roll-out plan.
• Explore how to use the design thinking approach and change management principles to increase the effectiveness of your communication strategy.



Fees include registration and workbook materials.

Cancellation Policy:
7-day full-refund cancellation policy. Should you no longer be able to attend a session you have registered for, please let us know seven days before the start date to avoid any charges. Alternatively, we would be happy to register you for an alternate course date that better suits your schedule.


Nilufer Erdebil, MBA, Founder & CEO, Spring2 Innovation

Nilufer Erdebil is an award-winning design thinking and innovation expert and a TEDx and TEC speaker. For over twenty years, she has been a catalyst for innovation. She has worked extensively with public and private sector organizations to drive strategy, facilitate change, and introduce new products and services. Her experience working within different fields, including telecommunications, application development, program management, and IT management, gives her a deep understanding of the business challenges today’s organizations face.

Nilufer has always had a passion for bridging the gap between business and technology. Having worked with several international organizations from both the public and private sector, and lived on three continents, she has a global mindset and a unique perspective on navigating change. Early in her career, she understood that it was the unique mix of environment, people, partners, and insight that make innovation possible.

Nilufer is a 2014 recipient of the Ottawa Business Journal Forty Under 40 Award and a 2016 recipient of the WCT Leadership Award from Women in Communications and Technology.  She is a Professional Engineer with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and an MBA from Queen’s University.

Ilana Gregory, MBA, Transformation & Change Management Consultant, IG TaC Consulting

Ilana Gregory is a leading consultant specializing in Transformation and Change Management.

Before starting IG TaC Consulting Inc., Ilana spent over 20 years in the technology industry-leading teams in Professional Services, Enterprise Support, and Field Enablement in Canada and across the globe.

Over the years and after leading organizations through various change and transformation initiatives, Ilana realized a passion for helping teams accept, embrace, and succeed in a changing environment.  Her passion and talent for breaking down barriers and bringing different viewpoints to the table for more significant outcomes enables teams to be successful, grow, evolve, and achieve and exceed the desired business results of change.

Ilana is PROSCI certified in Change Management and holds a Masters in Business Administration from Richard Ivey School of Business at the University of Western Ontario.

Ilana lives in Ottawa, where she enjoys outdoor activities.  An avid long-distance runner and cyclist, she has competed in several Ironman and Ironman 70.3 events.


Do I have to take the workshops in a specific order? It is highly recommended that you take the Communications Workshop after the Design Thinking and/or Change Management Workshops.
How can I register a group? If you would like to register a group of 10 or more people, please contact us at info@spring2innovation.com .
Can I take the courses individually? Yes, you can register for each course individually.
What if I’ve already taken the Design Thinking, Level 1 workshop? You are well on your way to finishing the series! If you have already taken the Design Thinking Level 1 Workshop, then you do not need to take it again and can simply register for the Change Management and Communication workshops.
What if I have completed the Design Thinking Certification? If you have completed the Spring2 Innovation Design Thinking Certification, you do not need to register for the Design Thinking, Level 1 Workshop and can start with the Change Management Workshop.